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Chain Reaction Automobile Wrecks

            It is terrifying to watch a wreck unfold before you, and know that you will be caught up in it. Many times, while stopped in traffic on interstate exits you can’t move forward because of stopped traffic. Traffic on the through lanes moves past you at highway speeds, while you

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What should you do if your accident was caused by a drunk driver.

We all have seen drunk drivers on the roadway, swerving in traffic, crossing the fog line, driving too slow, driving too fast. When we come upon them as we travel down the road, we pray that we will be able to avoid them if they come into our lane of traffic. We see people in

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In 2010 I was in a wreck myself, I was struck by a semi-tractor trailer. It certainly was not the right time to begin deciding on what to do, or what action to take. I honestly did not believe I was hurt, and told the investigating officer I was not injured. My car was a

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