Be Aware of Your Financial Options During a Divorce

Be Aware of Your Financial Options During a Divorce

Learn about qualified domestic relations orders in Louisville and Shelbyville, KY

When you go through a divorce, you'll have to deal with a variety of financial agreements along the way. You might know about alimony, but not many people know about qualified domestic relations orders. A qualified domestic relations order is a court order that grants you the right to a portion of your former spouse's retirement benefits. This court order only pertains to retirement benefits from an employer-sponsored retirement plan.

Richard J Head PLLC has helped countless clients throughout Louisville and Shelbyville, KY file for qualified domestic relations orders. You can count on attorney Richard J. Head to help you, too.

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When you work with a reliable divorce attorney, filing for a qualified domestic relations order gets easier. You can file by:

  • Bringing it up to your attorney during your divorce proceedings
  • Contacting an attorney after the divorce to get a modification
  • Providing details of the retirement plan to the court
  • Waiting 3-6 months for the order to process
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