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What Should You Do if Your Accident Was Caused by A Drunk Driver?

Jan. 18, 2017

We all have seen drunk drivers on the roadway, swerving in traffic, crossing the fog line, driving too slow, driving too fast. When we come upon them as we travel down the road, we pray that we will be able to avoid them if they come into our lane of traffic. We see people in wrecks, and our heart goes out to them. This post is about what you should do if it happens to you.

If you are driving, and see someone who seems impaired, use your cell phone and call the police. describe the vehicle, its direction of travel, its location by mile marker, its speed, and why it causes you concern. Do not try to pass a drunk driver, it increases the chance you will be hurt. If you can continue to follow the car so you can advise the police of his location.

If you are unlucky enough to be involved in a wreck with a drunk driver and have the ability to do so, immediately call the police. Give them the location of the wreck. take as many photographs as you can of the vehicles, including the license plate of the other vehicle. If you have the capability to do so, record your conversation with the other driver. A video record of the conversation will be important evidence of intoxication, impairment, and any statements the driver makes at the scene. Do not engage in a confrontation, and don’t make a bad event worse.

After the police officer arrives, provide your recording to the officer. explain the facts and tell him of any statements made by the intoxicated driver, what you observed about his or her demeanor, and anything you believe is relevant to a determination of the reason why the wreck occurred.

Immediately following the wreck, contact an experienced lawyer who will help you recover from your injuries. Kentucky law allows recovery for such injuries when caused by a drunk driver, including, in some cases, recovery of punitive damages. you deserve to be compensated for your work loss, pain, suffering, and any permanent harm you experience as a result of another person's violation of the law. Don’t let someone harm you, and bear the loss yourself, call your attorney as soon as possible.